Golio is a job-board for creatives that ties payments, profiles, & kudos into a single platform

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Golio is a single profile for all your project work.

Attitude & effort are universally valued.

"Work is key. You can't build a reputation on what you're gonna do."


Musicians, Composers, Producers, PR,
and more...


Photographers, Stylists, Makeup Artists,
and more...


Screenwriters, Editors, Directors,
and more...


Illustrators, Artists, Builders
and more...

Is Golio for my industry?

You write MUSIC? People leading Movies, Ads, Games would all like to connect with you


Golio is designed to help talent seamlessly move from opportunity to opportunity and industry to industry.

Job board + Feedback driven profiles

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Get serious about your career.

Connect with people who actually start and finish projects.

What Projects? Get creative!

There are no rules & nothing stopping you.

Practice, Experiment & Profit Share.

Better Postings:

A Producer has led several projects, paid out $$, and has great feedback
- sounds like someone you want to work for!

Spot top Talent:

A Creative has thousands of hours of experience, earned $, and has great feedback
- hire them before they get booked!

How it works


Create a Plan

A leader (could be anyone) posts a project


Leader & Team Connect

Track records & project plans help teams quickly form


Work Together

Golio makes all deliverables individual & public


Funding & Kudos

Golio facilitates payments & tracks kudos and funding history

Producers reduce risk

Layout a project plan, attach creatives to the tasks, manage deliverables and vouch for your team afterwards. Profiles driven by project level history allows producers to scale-up quickly and essentially risk free.

  • Save time - staff up with your core team or vetted talent
  • Reduce risk - feedback ensures great performance
  • Clean payments - simple portal eliminates invoicing hassles

Talent finds opportunities

Creatives can build their profiles by volunteering, leading their own projects or taking contract work - all of it speaks to attitude and follow-through.

  • Opportunities outside your network - openings are public
  • Trust - producer track-records ensures smooth projects and payments
  • Kudos - feedback for past work makes you easy to hire


Payments & Trust

  • Payment is a huge issue today; the average freelancer loses $6,390 each year
  • But escrow, trust accounts & legal battles are expensive and complex

thumbsDown thunder thumbsUp

Golio Separates the Naughty & Nice

  • Leaders submit a low cost payment through Golio and the system distribute funds to their team
  • When a project isn’t paid out leaders receive a big ZERO beside their track-record

Producer's perspective

  • Simplifies hiring & paying contractors
  • No upfront cash required but they stake their reputation

Collaborator's perspective

  • No invoicing / chasing
  • Work with strangers who have great track-records
  • Take a % cut in an un-funded project's upside

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