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Group work is simply a fact of life.
Studies show consistently groups come up with better ideas than individuals.

Accountability is tough.
Bad apples spoil a project BUT it shouldn’t be up to you to chase your team or pick up the slack

Deliverables, deadlines & feedback serve a dual-purpose

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Clarity + Accountability

Better Projects:

Specificity matters. If you can't write down what you need you won’t get it back.

Lasting Record:

Profiles grow as work is completed. Golio profiles are designed to support creatives through their entire career.

Feedback is scary

You aren't Mozart. Mozart wrote a symphony when he was 5. But you know what? It sounds like it was written by a 5-year-old.

Brilliance & perfection are not required or expected. What really matters - EFFORT & FOLLOWTHROUGH

Feedback tells future collaborators

  • You show up prepared
  • You follow through
  • You treat others with respects

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


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